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The weekend is your time to relax with family gather together to chat, Enjoy delicious dishes.
Here is the simplest dish, Extremely easy to make and delicious for you!

1. Seafood baked Stone
If you do not like the rolls, you can make grilled seafood feast to treat family members.

The grilled seafood processing and easy rock, tasty sensation not sick.

Raw materials:

– Hot stone grill.
– Depending on the preferences you can choose many kinds of seafood such as: oysters, Number of routes, Garlic snails, her breast real, Number of games, real pig…
– Salt and pepper lemon sauce or lemon garlic chili sauce vapor phase comparator.

How do:

– The snails soaked in water to release all the dirt and rinse several times with clean water.
– Heat a charcoal fire, gem-up. When hot stone, put up grilled seafood. Depending on the preferences that you can grill seafood with butter, onion, sauce, salt or pepper cheese…

2. Grilled snakehead fish

Meat benign snakehead fish, easy to process, from clay pots, sour soup, gourd soup, elected to the leaves steamed with fried snakehead fish,…but perhaps the most characteristic dish is easy to prepare and it is most snakehead trui.

Delicious grilled snakehead fish served with vegetables, Department of delicious cake

Raw materials:
-Snakehead (1 with): 1Kg
-Banana Leaves
-Rice Paper
-Dưa leo, slot, banana, herbs of all kinds…

How do:
-Wash fish to clean, not rated scales, not shaving lubricant, not disembowel, not laced with spices. Taking a long rod, smooth cross-longitudinal from the mouth to tail fish. Pinned to the ground and get covered with straw, fire until the ash.
-When cooked fish scales are scraped away by burning dry straw. Use a small knife behind his back Pulley, fish length from head to tail fish, fish bar will show the white meat and very fragrant smell rises. The delicious rustic feel this can only fully baked fish on the dry straw and banana-leaf boats on display.
-Trui snakehead fish is eaten with rice paper, contract, banana, cucumbers and other vegetables. Depending on the user's taste can put the sauces as : salt and chilli, mắm me, sweet and sour sauce, seasoning sauce.


3. Grilled beef tile
This is the special dishes of the people in Soc Trang, tasty, easy to process.

Tender roast beef, spicy seasoning sauce to give you and the family members of a delicious dish, interesting.

Raw materials:

– 500g beef fillet. 500g fresh noodles.
– Sesame, minced onion, cooking oil, Road, salt, granules, Garlic, minced lemongrass.
– 2 approximately cake book, salad, fragrant basil, basil, dưa leo, responsorial, tía tô.

How do:

– Beef washed, cut into thin slices to taste. Marinated beef with five spice powder, granules, Road, salt, Shallots, Garlic, minced lemongrass and sesame. Mix very well with little cooking oil and to some 30 absorbent minutes spiced beef.
– Wash raw vegetables, Long-sliced ​​cucumber.
– Sauce maker: One cup of raw seasoning sauce. I, chili fruit, lemongrass crushed. 1/4 finely chopped pineapple. Mix the mixture with seasoning sauce, little more seasoning sauce cups boiling water to slightly dilute. Squeeze a little lemon, mix sugar and seasoning to taste is to be.
– Fan charcoal fire, get a clean tiles placed on. When hot, then drizzle with oil tiles on top, then pick up the pieces left over roast beef (if too dry you can embed support over cooking oil).
– Beef roast for the disk. Rolls with beef, vegetables and served with seasoning sauce.


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