COCKTAIL symphony

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You are a stylish and very knowledgeable about modern life. Yet, unfortunately if icicles never tasted a glass cocktaik, laoih drinks of the past, present and future.

Ago 200 year, glass cocktail first appeared did the gentlemen, American ladies enthralled. Today, they have spread all over the world with the number of accurate statistics difficult, between 8000-10.000 scents and different colors, that the bartender can not remember all the formulas for each type of cocktail.

CREATE ART FOR delicate flavor drinks

According to the baristas, một ly cocktail thường được cấu tạo bởi 4 factor : rượu nền, flavorings (ruocu smell) ,coloring and decorating. However, there are only two kinds of components like wishky-coca, gin-tonic …
Wine is wine the strongest background ,magn to the concentration for cocktail. Liqueurs extracted from fruits, coffee, ca cao, Almond,mint ,huogn herbs ... creates new position for drinks. Colorings are often the juices,Freshwater. However, Using fresh fruit juice will taste better than canned water .
Decorate strange, beautiful is extremely important element in the art of cocktail. They are appealing the decision factors of drinks for guests at first sight. The details of the appropriate type of glass ,color harmony, decorative materials such as fruit, flower ... must be carefully selected.
When implemented, bartenders close to each milliliter of wines, materials to prepare for the right cocktail. If too much alcohol background, drinks will be fierce and bitter. For many liqueurs will drown the subtle flavors of wine background. If the hand when the juice, Freshwater, dish will take only a glass of fruit juice furnace.


Each cocktail has a separate preparation.

Such as B52 characterized by sweetness, aromatic and creamy fat from alcohol soar, coffee flavor from kahlua liquor. People often set fires to layer on the burning spirits and cocktail drink quickly through a straw.

With Arround the world so soaked while mixing the ingredients in ice shaker. This is a combination of many kinds of spirits with juice. Drinks are suitable for dessert or beverage.

Singapore sling can be seen as "Ambassador for cocktails", by the bartender at a premium patent Lion Island. Your first comment is tangy grapefruit, identify the fast and pleasant tan from gin. Next, pure aroma of sweet wine, cherries and syrup smell Grenadin will appease your taste buds. Loại này thích hợp dùng cho các buổi tiệc nhẹ .

Private Pina Colada line represents the line of tropical cocktail. Not only eye-catching form, This drink was flavored nicely, unforgettable. Spicy warmth of rum with the ultimate combination of pineapple just fat and fat of coconut milk, fat cream. Lotions brings fresh sweetness bar, Sophistication. This is 1 great suggestions for summer, in the party, beach picnic ...

Good it is characteristic of the line from the rum cocktail. Fresh Juice, syrup bring sweet and sour moderate mouth. A special feature is the gentle scent but unique, crept in cocktail sips of almond liqueur. This is a relatively mild drinks, well with women, can be used for fun times with friends .

Cocktail Long Island Ice Tea be synthesized from many different types of alcohol for men should only. The uniqueness of the drink is wine harmoniously coordinated by Coke, lemon juice gently aromatic, pleasant. Drinks are suitable for evening parties active.

If you are a discerning, Surely you will not ignore cocktail Daisy immensely popular. This is a great symphony of 1 wine of the sour orange, lemon and Tequila ( made from 1 types of cactus in Mexico).

Especially is such Grasshoper 1 Remarks by the locust's eye-catching blue cocktails. Only 3 simple components including 2 peppermint liqueur and cocoa, combined with full fat cream and beverage processing out how infatuated girl .
This cocktail can be quite light refreshments, dispel the sultry summer sun.

The cocktails are probably in the party bared, finger food, banquets BBQ sea ​​or simply for refreshment in the summer heat attack. You can choose to suit every cocktail party I got you.!





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