How to make Cocktail Martini Cocktail

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Want handedly made the kind of Cocktail delicious and meaning. Let guide you how to make this delicious Cocktail offline! You will feel really excited with this Cocktail.
Your first few stones into the cup for mixing, then give a little extra vermouth and alcohol vodka, shake mixer cup, attention not to text splashed water, please pay careful attention to your.



After you finish the glass Cocktail, added little to add delicious olive.
Here is the formula and sample rate for your reference :
3 part vodka
1/2 phần Martini bianco (loại dry)
1 Qua Olive Xanh
4 – 5 small stone balls

Shake hands

You will feel happy and relaxed after doing this cocktail.

Cocktail Martini

Cocktail Martini

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