How to make the most delicious Cocktail – Mojito

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If this is your first time trial type Cocktail This Mojito is sure you will not forget the feeling passionate blend together!
I will show you how to do this with your Cocktail, hope you will have fun when done manually.
First you take a nasty little more mint and sugar water. Add a little alcohol Greek ( Type white, or dark ) add a little lemon juice, and entered into little more than stone to delicious.

Mojito Cocktail

Mojito Cocktail

Add a little baking soda into the then newly concocted cocktails in a cocktail glass high ( highball) add lemon or orange slices to decorate wine
And here is the secret recipe of this great Cocktail.
-2 part Rum ( White or black – White is the most delicious rum)
-1 lemon juice
-1 lon soda
-10 mint leaves
-1 few small cubes
-1 Chanh Lat – or orange decorations
-1 teaspoons of sugar – If you like sweet, you can add a little sugar arbitrary.

cocktail tuyệ vời

Great cocktails Tuyé

Wish you happy to manually perform this great Cocktail.

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