How to write a wedding wishes or

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Khi đi tham dự một đám Wedding điều quan trọng la bạn phải viết ra những lời chúc dành cho cô dâu chú rể là những nghi thức ý nghĩa không thể thiếu phải không nào!

First, style of wedding wishes will depend on your relationship with the bride and groom. If you and the bride and groom have an intimate relationship, cohesively as friend, colleagues ... surely you had a lot of unforgettable memories together. Please review a little bit about memories or funny incidents, sure the bride and groom will be extremely happy smiles upon receiving this blessing from you. If the bride and groom have a relationship with your close relatives, let's give them meaningful advice for married life after this as well as the responsibility of both when the decision was linked.

Another point to note that you should not write too long greeting line, rambling and lack of concise. The first sentence in need wishes to congratulate the content of the wedding the bride and groom, That will be followed by wishes for the future life of the couples son. And finally, do not forget to sign and name yourselves!

Some questions you may wish to consult

Congratulations to you both happy!

“Marriage is not a place to dock the boat

which is where the two lovers decided to sail out to sea sailing”

Wishing you both forever have a tender love, strong

and always see good things in this special journey.


Congratulations to you both happy!

Hopefully this will move the cards greetings happy my most sincere to your spouse.

I wish the two of you have a small family warm and intelligent children, Lovely.


Happy happy bridegroom, bride!

Please be send the best greetings, best of luck to you.

Happy new life you will be filled with family fun, laughter and happiness.


Congratulations to you both and happy family!

Luckily for us has been met, become best friends with each other and have a lot of memories.

I will never forget it.

I was really glad to hear you have found half of his life.

Wishing you a very full life, and soon as the born prince, Princess.


Congratulations on your wedding two!

Start a new life, I hope that you will accumulate a lot of experience living with family on both sides.

Learn how to treat people in everyday family activities to harmonize your marriage okay!


Happy couple! I wish the two of you and everything is the, hundred years of happiness.


Congratulations on your marriage of two!

Bring the little angel to your world of two, this will make your life become more meaningful than ever.

Let's love each other very much and enjoy life together is offline.


Happy happy twice in one big day!

I really feel very happy to attend the wedding of two you.

Two start treating you so well together, together to enjoy the happy moments in life.

Though many eyes will be difficult and challenging but I believe in true love two you will pass all.

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