Prepare a buffet fast

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You want to organize a party buffet small for your family, but you are too busy and do not have much time. So fast you read the following to begin work immediately.

  • Make a list of relatives to attend
  • Choose dishes ( see more ), You can make simple dishes such as bread sandwich
  • If you garden, you can make dishes baked
  • Prepare a few drinks : food, Freshwater,cocktail
  • Several small game
  • It is important that you make an aide to prepare for the fast.

Make a list and go to the supermarket to buy, do not miss the spice and shake things remind, if you run a supermarket or market 3- 4 time is very time consuming
Choose the freshest food processing.
If your loved one slot you can ask for a hand to prepare food faster.
When the memory layout for beautifully arranged and additional music for a little fun.
If you can prepare a few more gifts to give to their loved ones.
Wish you success !

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