New Year party programs for companies

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Every year the end of the year to the board of directors and staff departments together to exchange chat, to the party atmosphere is warm and fun, comes to the party but not merely eating with him that there are other activities such as dancing, Exchange , …

Implications for the program at the end of the year party company :

1, Stage with eye-catching colors, a stable sound, all nicely decorated to capture the memories and for a space for people to be able to play.

2, Representatives of companies opening party, summarizes the achievements made in the past year and plans towards next year.

3, The entertainment shows homegrown, prom , game, such : found the sequence number for the last hour to attend and will play lucky draw, who accepted the award must have an item to donate to people ( forced everyone to be prepared ), the game animator , contests between departments, ….

4,, Exchange Program of departments, share experiences, emotions,…

5, And they also play an indispensable food is, save the space to play freely choose the form of the party as buffet very suitable, the buffet dinner, everyone can eat and play, freedom to choose their favorite dishes. Many forms buffet dinner nheTeaBreak, party cocktailfinger food, Salt party, tiệc Buffet BBQ,…

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