Cocktail four seasons

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Spring Cocktail

Two men say Hau :

Ingredients :

– 1/4 watermelons water pressure

– 2 orange juiced

– 1 small glass alcohol vodka

– Lemon, chery, strawberry decoration


General phase watermelon juice, orange juice and vodka, Stir well.

For ice or stir well before drinking.

Use lemon, cherry and strawberry decoration.

Summer Cocktails

Cool refreshing morning with cocktail summer.

cocktail mùa hè

summer cocktail

Ingredients :

– 1 glass of strawberry juice

– 1 grinding cup unsweetened pineapple juice.

– 1 lon soda lạnh

– 1 cup cold water

– 1 piece of fresh ginger đắp

– Little wine or fruit wine


Dissolve strawberry juice. pineapple juice, cold water and unsweetened pineapple juice blender

Place in refrigerator 1 time to cool.

When you get to drink more wine and 1 Small slices of ginger

Finally, pour into a glass of soda water and generally add more ice water stays cold.

Before taking a drink, you can mix a little wine, a small slice of ginger.

Cocktail collection Wind

Cocktail gió thu

Cocktail collection Wind

Ingredients :

-45ml Vodka

-30ml Orange Curacao liqueur flavor of orange peel

-15ml lemon juice

-30ml coconut pineapple juice

-15ml lemon syrups

-15ml of sugar


-Decorating: cam – though


– For each shaker: 45rượu ml Vodka, 30ml Orange curacao, 15ml lemon juice, 30ml pineapple juice, 15ml lemon syrup, 15ml of water and a little sugar cubes begin shaking.

– Pour a glass. Decorative orange and though the paper.

Winter Cocktail

Cocktail mùa đông

Winter Cocktail

Ingredients : give 10 – 12 people

– Eggs 6 results

– White sugar 250g

– Vanilla 1/2 spoon

– Nutmeg 1/2 spoon.
– Rượu Brandy 200ml
– Rum 100ml
– 500ml fresh cream
– SUA 500ml
Perform :

Beating egg bowl

Using electric mixer beat within 3 minutes until eggs on cotton

Then slowly give way to, whisk just had to continue.

Next to the vanilla, Nutmeg powder (if there) Then hit next 30 more seconds.

Then for brandy, rượu Rum,

Then for milk, fresh cream on.

Use a spoon khoay are up.

Mixture in the fridge for about half an hour

Refrigerate for about four hours removed, dungmuong ladled out each glass was prepared.

Sprinkle a little nutmeg on top
You can remove alcohol components go, become eggnog smoothie nutritious dish that can be enjoyed year round, but not necessarily in the winter.
I wish you success !
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