On the same day the baby to full term

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The ancients often said that the child was born is due to the Great Fairy (Lady Reincarnation) also known as 12 She coined her. Each Mu She will be responsible for the department forced a child like eyes, nose, hand, foot, bad or good hair ... is also molded by the hands of Ms. Mu ra.Theo traditions of our country, round baby was born a month to worship the baby to full term. The full month celebration is to thank the German Mu and his grandmother's help to "square the circle mother", the following is to be submitted with the internal -, relatives, grandchildren neighborhood about a month after birth. It is certified as society about the existence of a human, to be coddled, praise, responsible for community help, conceived, che chở…

Ngày đầy tháng

On a month old

In the days full months, in addition to preparing food, drinks for entertaining guests, you also have to prepare offerings glass tray 12 She offered her and a tray of glasses 3 Monsignor. The following is a list 12 She worried that she will rotate in pregnancy 12 every year for her baby and she will give birth for a job in nursing education:
1. Bake Mu Tu Tran, considered the birth (Perinatal)
2. Ms. Van Tu Mu Bake, considered pregnancy (being transferred)
3. Ms. Lin Mu lamb, considered pregnancy (conception)
4. Liu Mu Lost Princess, molded shape as the male, for baby girls
5. Ms. Lam Nhat She Bake, considered a fetus care (an thai)
6. Mu Li Dai Nuong, considered the labor (being transferred)
7. Ms. Mu Hua Dai Nuong, consider opening blooming pistil (households)
8. Mu Cao Oven, considered in the gauge (care delivery)
9. Five Princess tiara, considered infant care (Bao Tong)
10. Mu Ma Ngu Nuong, regarded the treble kids (The General Chapter)
11. She has trouble sleeping triaxial, considered the babysitter (spore)
12. She Tam Nuong Nguyen, considered and monitored witnessing the birth

In addition, There 3 Monsignor: Evangelist, Tổ sư và Tiên sư với chức năng truyền dạy nghề nghiệp cho bé trong tương lai.

Some suggestions:
She offered her
3 drive away
3 tea bowl
12 cup of tea
Every code (Gold and silver paper money)

Unto him
3 cup of soup
1 bowl of porridge
1 Cross-boiled duck wings
Every code (Gold and silver paper money)

In addition, could use more of the other offerings as:
– 12 comedy duo green
– 12 Compression blue gold
– 12 green dresses
– 12 betel phoenix wings
– 12 toys
– 12 with four
– 12 con ốc
– 12 con tôm
– Confectionery, fruit,Divided into ... 12 equal parts.

* Note:

Be prepared 2 weeks before full term party.
In the days full of kiddy, parents should also learn about the cultural offerings for the entire ceremony.

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