To organize a perfect roast dinner

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If you want to organize party baked BBQ right at home with a few friends, What is the first job?

The most important is to have the presentation area barbecue, how to arrange furniture, grill fit. Be prepared though few large shade trees around the area in case there is little rain.

Next select food and beverages, dishes in BBQ dinner is usually meat, seafood such as shrimp, Ink, fish … and grilled vegetables accompanied with a little alcohol depending on taste, beer and some juices are also hints.

After selecting the right location and cuisine, invite some friends and perform soon.

Kindle fire properly : preparation 1 a foot tall fireplaces, a little charcoal, kindle fire and tree 1 the fan if necessary.

For coal in the kitchen, Coal ranks so highly transient, The red spiders, while kindled, smoke blower fan should turn out areas to avoid food.

After the red spider and less smoke for food on the grill, avoid all kinds of dishes in the kitchen baking, food will be mixed odor, losing the characteristics of food, be spreads on the grill 1 little butter to make the food appealing for. For little onion on the grill can dig out of the kitchen smoking without affecting Grill.

Do not eat normal foods when it's too hot, can burn and damage your teeth that, should not exceed fire grilled foods, fire grilled food especially meat eating more fat burning will affect the stomach and contains a number of substances that can cause cancer.

In the barbecue should have salads, rau củ, fruit because fiber-rich foods may reduce smoking and reduce the fat in your body heat, add some starches like rice, bread soup or something to no nhé!

Now ready for a perfect barbecue does not!!!



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