Fold the napkin tie shape

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Now your customers can clean food in a tie party with their expensive … the inexpensive tie! Not particularly stars? This is easy to napkin your. Here's how to fold napkins shaped tie.
1.Place the napkin face-down and driven to one of the corner so you.

2. Starting in the upper nasal, fold the right side about 1/3

3. Repeat the last step to the left and then adjust them if necessary so that both sides are symmetrical. Now press down the folds.

4. Fold the right side in about 1/3 starting from the top of the top, similar to what we have done in the last two steps. Do not press it down.

5. Repeat the last time and adjust the left side for symmetry. When you are satisfied with the shape of your tie, pressing the folds.

6. Fold over 1/3 right of cross tie to the top of his tie perpendicular to the bottom.

7. Return to tie on to the tip is pointing to the left.

8. Wrap your head around the first tie and tuck it underneath to create hon.Ban are, napkin very smart tie your own!

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