Fold the napkin rose from

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Your party will be more beautiful than the rose. We will work together napkin hoa hồng cho buổi tiệc thêm đẹp mắt. The steps are as follows!
1.Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.
2. double-right corner of the napkin rest in the center tips.
3. Fold the two corners remaining in the tip of the napkin with two centers meet.
4. Again, begin folding the outer corners so that they meet at the center.
5. Once all procedures are folded you are left with a square around 1/4 size of napkin folding.
6. Flip it up.
7. Fold the corners in so they meet at the center and then place something sturdy in the center, or keep it with your fingers.
8. While maintaining pressure in the center of the napkin, reach underneath each corner and pull out the flaps to create petals.
9. Remove the center weight and your roses will look like in this picture.
Complete commission Napkin folding
10. If you prefer, you can go below the center of each side and pull out a second set of petals of it up some more. Put something in the center and you're done, have a meal roses! Napkin folding commission

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