Fold the napkin pyramid

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Gấp napkin Pyramid shape ( Pyramid Napkin Fold ) Napkin folding technique is simple luxury, quickly, and can be made easily with most napkins. For an added romantic dinner

1. Lay the napkin face down in front of you.

2. Fold the napkin half diagonally.

3. Turn the napkin so the open end facing away from you.
4. Fold the right end up in response to the far corner, This time ensure new edge on the centerline as shown. ( 9 equivalent steps 9 image , view from left )

khăn ăn hình kim tự tháp 5. Repeat the last step to the left, folding head left into the far corner, creating a diamond shape with a seam running down the center.

6. Turn the napkin over, facing the open end away from you.

7. Fold the napkin half by bringing the farthest point of the diamond up and returned to the nearest location.

8. Turn the napkin over again, this time facing the open end toward you.

9. Fold the napkin along the center seam and you have a pyramid, compact and sturdy. If your napkin will not stand neat then you may need a bit of starch.

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