Fold napkin rosebud

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Ranking napkin the rosebud polite and pages nha.Huong way basic napkin folding the rosebud. Very suitable for the party.
The steps are as follows:
1.Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.
2. Fold the napkin half diagonally.
3. orientation napkins to go from the end of the open.
4. Fold the far right corner diagonally to points based on distance. The addition of this new cap should be placed on the center line.
5. Repeat step four on the other side, gives way to meet the far left corner, create a diamond shape.
6. Flip the napkin over while keeping the open end away from you.
7. Fold the bottom of the napkin up about 3/4 as in the picture and click once to.
8. Flip the napkin over.
9. curl both point to let them meet in the middle and tuck 1 in other.
10. Stand it up and straighten it out. If you have difficulty in keeping the focus back to the folds tracking mess up your alignment

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