Fold the napkin shaped diamond

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This is the folding technique napkin Simple and easy for all kinds of napkins. We need to banquet

1.Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.

2. Fold the napkin and driven half open end toward you.

3. Fold the napkin in half

4. Fold the top layer of napkins half diagonally up and left.

5. Fold the next layer of the napkin diagonally up and to the left, I pause before the last time to create a staggered effect.

6. Repeat by placing the next layer of the napkin to a point just before the final.

7. And the last time the final grade. Keep them uniformly as you can.

8. Now fold both sides of the napkin under and to create a diamond effect . Press it down flat as possible and you are ready for visitors within 60 seconds!

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