Fold napkin crown

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For your party more solemn and polite, the table decoration is essential. Here is how to fold napkin the crown will make your table more attractive.
1.Put your napkin down in front of.
2. Fold the napkin half diagonally.
3. Put napkins direction to the open end of your.
4. Fold the right corner to direct points based on the angle between the edges of the new cap should be located on the center of the napkin.
5. Repeat step four on the other side, bring the left corner to meet the average angle, create a diamond shape.
6. Fold the bottom of the napkin up about 2/4 and press down
7. Fold the smaller triangle should point based on the near edge of the napkin.
8. rolled to the left and right side of the napkin so that they meet in the middle and tuck 1 on the other.
9. Stood up and yanked it when necessary.

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