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Squash is a fruit you, both can be used as food as medicine could. The latest research has shown, squash slimming effect.

Squash contain protit, Road, fiber, caroteen, Vitamin PP, B1, B2, C, of calcium, iron ... melon can inhibit the metabolism of sugars into fat, preventing the accumulation of body fat. In addition, squash seeds have the qualities of an effective intervention to increase student, squash shell also has diuretic.

According to the nutritionist, squash nonfat, containing chemical compounds hyterin – caperic have the ability to control the sugar into fat metabolism to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body, anti-obesity. So, Using squash soup eating regularly is good for those who are at risk of obesity.

Squash great weight loss

In traditional medicine, squash is used in medicine under the name "winter over", it is sweet, cold calculation, not toxic, diuretic effect, edema pepper, Beverages, Cooling heart, Heat delusion, swelling pimples pepper…

According Herbalist Hoai Vu, daily melon juice can be used to retrieve from 0,2 – 0,5 liters of water (equivalent 200 – 500g squash) What harm is not, and can be used long term to reduce fat in the liver. Also squash also antidotal effect, heat and beautiful skin, very beneficial for the body.


A pumpkin soup recipe is easy to get 500g squash, keep the peel and seeds, washed, sliced, ceiling for extra packing, fresh ginger, salt, sufficient water and cook for nine secrets. Type soup once a day if he will quickly see the effect. Low interest Squash Seeds, Aquatic shell squash edible seed pods should squash the higher effective. Tran envelope of gas works, Pi conditions, low interest, ginger roads aquatic food gastronomy combined with squash will support fat loss.

Squash great slimming, Weight Loss, Beauty,

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