FAQ cocktail party

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Question : Cocktail what are ?
Cocktail is actually thinning alcohol for easy drinking. Over 200 year development, cocktail biến hóa và có nhiều công thức pha trộn khác nhau và có nhiều tên gọi khác nhau

Question : Cocktail need nothing beverages ?
Đồ uống trong tiệc cocktail rất phong phú, gồm các loại nước uống như : fruit juice, nước trái cây pha rượu, rượu pha, rượu pha rượu,…

Question : Cocktail pha bao nhiêu rượu là được ?
Mỗi loại cocktail có công thức pha chế liều lượng riêng, However, if you organize a party for the company or family can reduce alcohol mix to make it taste better.

Question : the cocktail party food is what ?
Food cocktail party usually dishes finger food, snacks that the user can hold

Question : A cocktail party decorations often need nothing ?
You need many types of glass, Disc, suitable utensils. If you plan to hold for families with several people, you can take advantage of the widgets, ly available. But if you hold a big party than you should hire a company organized. You can contact us for further advice

Cocktail party to take place

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