Method fold napkin This is very simple and can be done with almost any napkin napkin yet. Simply add warmth to party.

1. Lay the napkin face down in front of you.

2. Fold the napkin and driven half open end toward you.
3. Fold the far right of the center closest to you. The edge of this time should run down the center of the napkin.

khăn ăn hình mũi tên

4. Repeat the last step with the other side, folding the far left to rest along side the previous time.
5. Fold the right flap diagonally to its outer edge runs even with the far edge of the napkin.

6. Repeat the previous steps on the other side, folding lid diagonally left to meet the far edge of the napkin.

7. Swipe left and right together, allowing napkin to bend at the farthest point. This will cause, a flat center portion bent. Quite easy, huh?

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