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With many social changes, young people to be in harmony with the world, chose your desired style freedom, in Banquet Wedding also, no need for wedding party too pompous, cumbersome and cost frame. For many busy then select the service in the restaurant with technology professional wedding, but most everyone wants their wedding day truly unique, impression, share the fun with friends. With the following experience can help you make a great day

To create a space wedding like that you have to plan in detail and consider the following :

– Find venues : you can choose a unique space to suit budget and your ideas, Probably a restaurant , cafe, garden villas, ecotourism destinations,…

– Decorate the party space : decorated with balloons, flowers, hanging colorful banners

– The form of the party : Parties, BBQ, party buffet, light refreshment, tiệc Finger Food – cocktail,… form a party choose to fit the space and your audience. You can select the location and our company will help you decorate and organize 1 grand party.


– On the guest list : with the often intimate party marketing you must consider the number of guests, usually stops with the family and friends of those important. The number less than 150 who is the best. With such a small number of guests your guests will be better served and space becomes more intimate.

– Rites and program of the party : if your party to plan can skip some steps traditional ceremony ( these rituals can you have held in two families ) The MC for this party may be 2 The main character is always, also started programs, share memories, friends to confide, who witnessed the love of two people to cultivate happiness today, party will be happy there.

– Gifts for those who attended the party : small gifts like to express our gratitude and want to save some memories of your wedding day the bride and groom's friends and family, can be as simple as a gift bag with some candy wedding, Figure keychains bride and groom, …. depending on your preference idea.

And indispensable book signing autographs for guests, you can be creative with ” Wedding tree ” Your guests will have the name and ” case only ” up tree, as well as 1 a unique souvenir, You can also take photos page decoration in your home.

Make plans for your happy day full truth offline!

TiecBuffet.com cug service wedding packages as :

  • Consultant location
  • On the guest list
  • Design and sending greeting cards
  • Top list of dishes
  • Planning organization
  • MC, music, game,…

For more information, please contact info below. Wish you happy !


For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

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