Making cotton dress set from canvas

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Creative floral dress set with a unique gift and can make memories for guests to your party, What test do okay!

Raw materials should be :

– 1 piece of canvas ( more or less depending on how many flowers you need to do)

– Ribbons

Raw materials should be

– 2 Other types of colored feathers

– Buttons variety.( at least 3 species)

– that be

– Scroll cord

– Corrugated cardboard ( bark bread box )

– Glue Guns, keo Dán, kimchi, drag, Size.

Start making :

First you use the pencil drawing equal leaf on cardboard and cut out

Next take a leaf piece of cardboard placed on burlap and likewise cut

Using cardboard and glue parts together burlap

Prune back to all

You cut a larger number to paste the rear

Now you cut the bamboo rod length 3.75 as in the picture and paste it into leaves

Wrap rope around the bamboo rod and fixed with glue

Cut the ribbons and decorative sewing needle for more unique, finally tied into a cute no

Now attach the feathers

Now attach the ingredients ready together

Attach them with glue gun , and you are done!




Your guests can take as a souvenir and will remember it for days Wedding your, right impression, why not create your own unique something in your day fun anyway!



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