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Each region there are different offerings can be reduced depending on the part.
I would like something mentioned his actual holiday observed only in the inner side of his crib, Southerners refer to you okay!
Hình ảnh tổ chức bởi

Offerings include holiday 3 tray:
1. Trays with him Location, mammonish, including:
– 1 Fruit plate
– 1 Cup of tea (daughter tea cozy water away, son tea cozy white beans)
– 1 Disk away
– 1 the shower: eggs, shrimp, crab boil, including 1 bigger things such juveniles must have 1 with four to, not to buy crab is replaced by 3 small crabs.
– 3 glass of water , flower, incense
2. Under kitchen 1 He offered the apple tray, offerings like blackberries with him Location, Mammon
3. Outdoor worship 1 tray included
– 1 Boiled chicken (Whole chicken ritual first full leg extension wings, create that beautiful head held up)
– 1 Fruit plate
– 12 Disk away
– 13 Cup of tea (daughter tea cozy water away, son tea cozy white beans)
– Country (have replaced the water with family alcohol White), flower, incense
– Ministry of holidays including 12 comedy duo green, Compression blue gold, green dresses, Betel phoenix wings ... buy it in its entirety votive goods

ban le cung thoi noi

Baby's retail

Her three young chieftain stood out worship, vows as follows:
“Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 time)
First Father in heaven who defecated all
WWII first to strip all natural
First WWII era all her natural
Twelve of the First Lady
Together with the zither fairy princess
Today to th ... month ... year ...
My wife and children ... and ..., residing at ...
Presentation tray gifts, provide land before visiting Heaven and Earth, the soil, brothel owners, demonstrated before the celebration for daughter / son turns one year old ..., after further supporting healthy for me ..., large or fast food, bless her dear little face is peaceful, enjoy privileged lives life and wealth, supporting our family always prosperous, happy ...
The establishment of the center
Watch Report”
Closing ceremony tray down before baby
Burn 3 incense is finished holiday week
Burning votive, sprinkling water (alcohol) …
Offering complete, presents for her family loading tray, including things like drag, pen, mirror, Summary, took away, stethoscope, ruler ... Friday that she first caught, folk believe that choice career path futures. But just for fun, the parents what they want me to draw things on display, have the microphones present, car, computer ...

Farmers praise guests, lì xì, take a picture with me
Families often bring offerings courtesy to guests, relatives, their neighborhood ... who you.
We have received many put away the tea service, Boiled chicken, fruit exhibited relatively clean ..., Convenience Packaging, suitable for donation.
Happy healthy baby thrive, intelligent!
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