Cool strawberry cocktail with lemon

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Cocktail Strawberry Lemon


Wine Vodka 750ml

– 240ml water filter, 480ml

– Fresh Strawberry 580gr

– Lemon 5-6 results

– Sugar 150gr


Strawberry wine :

Wash strawberries, drain, removed and cut into batons 2-4 preference to small or large berries.

Collect 1 large jar ( glass as possible) washed, and left to dry strawberries. Pour vodka into a flooded strawberry.

For about a cool dry place 3-7 on, strawberry color will fade and red wine.

You filtered extract the alcohol in bottle, Closed to gradually use cocktail.
For each cocktail you will use this approximately 30ml strawberry wine.

Lemon strawberry cocktail:

Lemon juiced, seeded.

Dissolve the sugar in 240ml water, to boil on the stove and let it cool, you get sugar syrup. Use this syrup to make lemonade with lemon juice and 480ml water in the filter according to your taste. After you finish filling the cup lemon juice, strawberry wine is poured onto the finished!

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