Tip baked in the barbecue party

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When organizations tIEC baked BBQ to note the following to your barbecue becomes more favorable.

Before baking :

The rods to skewer meat, if you are using bamboo, soak in water for 1 English to baking bamboo that will not burn. ( Often bamboo sticks will burn before the meat ).

Marinate meat or fish around 1 hours before baking to low, during chilled in the cooler compartment of the refrigerator, meat to absorb odor without the fear of flying.

When marinating meat not too many spices with water because when baking small water down off the charcoal and smoke.

Do not forget part of the barbecue sauce, it is part.

When kindled coal to bake you wait grilled red and all the smoke and then go without food will be flying to the smell of smoke.

While baking:

While direct grill grilled heads should use gloves to avoid blisters due to overheating.

While grilled meat or fish dishes and brush butter on the surface Grill, will increase the flavor of barbecue and barbecue did not dry.

While the grill should be regularly, and remember to pick up utensils for cooked and supplies life to be different, to ensure hygiene.

For other baked dishes such as grilled shellfish should grill with meat, avoid mixed flavor.

If you see the prompt charcoal grill remains up and use a layer of ash blown out over the, then for more than, continue baking.

After baking : Coal handling hot.

If after baking many coals, we use a coal incubated again for the next user, but if you do not have a map for coal incubated, you can get up to turn off the irrigation water to avoid burns or fire coal ) and to charcoal in a cool sun, next time can use.

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