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Mit mix ( gỏi mít) originating from central and specialties that you can enjoy certain will remember forever.
Jackfruit salad is easy to make and does not take much time.
Choose the fine linen jackfruit are, smooth skin, allocation into small pieces, Peel, fagot, soak in cold water to remove the pus and not breached because the wind.

Young Jackfruit peeled, soak in cold water for all latex and from deep.

Jackfruit salad central tradition of young jackfruit only, touch, herbs. Today, life is no longer difficult, While processing a lot more people for raw materials such as: shrimp, meat, Ink… make the salad more diversified, Rich and delicious.

Mit boiled and cut into small portions to taste

After soaking, Jackfruit is washed, boiled cooked to medium, take out and drain and cut into small strands just eat jackfruit fiber.
Raw materials needed for mixing very simple dish jackfruit, including lemon garlic chili sauce, crushed roasted peanuts, laksa leaves chopped…

Material Package: chili garlic sauce, river using, we suggest, roasted peanuts.

African aromatic oils (categories are pressed from peanuts as fat). Prepared for the rally on the island briefly. Off the kitchen, sprinkle with garlic chili sauce on top and mix well. Finally add peanut laksa leaves and jackfruit dish is finished mixing.

Jackfruit is premature mixing rustic but charming, delicious.

Eating young jackfruit salad roll indispensable baked cup with lemon garlic chili sauce. Boring piece of cake, touched a little salad, put into the cup sauce and enjoy rum crispy rice paper, Sweet young jackfruit, fleshy like chicken, the spicy, party, sweet mixed together to make food more charming and poetic sections.

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