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A rainstorm in party Wedding luck or misfortune? People always ask yourself about every mystery in the rain.

People tend to worry about the weather,trying to find out the next day there is rain or not, watch the weather forecast before the big event in my life to help people prepare before the worst forecasts.
So according to you a rain the day of your wedding is a lucky omen or bad luck?
The rain brought a day filled with fun, hope,.. it marked a turning point in your life.
Rain brings water to arid areas, brings life to all the flowers..

mưa mang lại sức sống

revitalizing rain

Rain is seen as a hope your luck for rain symbolizes life, blessing, unity, happy. In some cultures, such as Asia, the rain also symbolizes fertility. Due to this positive sense that rain is seen as a symbol of good luck.
For those who are married, a new start is envisioned as they embark on their life together.

Mang mọi người gắn bó với nhau

Bring everyone to stick together

Rain is a sign of fertility. Water makes things develop. Many couples have expectations hope that marriage will be blessed, more children. So in some culture in your wedding day rain is seen as a sign that the couple will have many children, and of course, Children are considered to be a blessing.
Fertility is also extended to material goods, because it means abundant resources, productivity, and a rich harvest.
Rain in your wedding day can also manifest unity. The reason behind this stems from the reference to marriage as “bound in marriage”. Therefore, if it rains when you're “knot” it shows solidarity, and create a stronger link that will not easily broken.
Generally, rain is also regarded as a sign of recovery, dry or dead things will regain strength, Renewable rain, innovate.
Rain during your wedding day is a sign of good luck

mưa mang lại may mắn

rain brings luck


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