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"Nep cam (sticky coal) very popular in Asia and this will be the top super foods in Europe, Vietnamese fruit blueberries than men ", U.S. scientists say.
Cereals have a low sugar content but are high in fiber for good health and have active ingredients that can help fight heart disease and cancer, experts say.

nếp cẩm chống bệnh ung thư

This special rice Cancer

Scientists at Louisiana State University analyzed samples of bran special rice grown in the southern U.S.. They found that the strengthening of anti-oxidized anthocyanin.
This antioxidant is responsible for the formation of the dark brown variety of vegetables, fruits such as blueberries and south Vietnamese red pepper. They also create the sticky dark.

Research shows that anti-oxidation will create dark "swept" clean harmful molecules, helps protect the arteries and prevent the DNA damage that can lead to cancer.
Food Scientists, Dr Zhimin Xu said: "Antioxidant content of anthocyanins in 1 more special rice bran spoons 1 Vietnamese male spoon blueberries but less sugar, rich in fiber and vitamin E than.

Rượu nếp than rất tốt cho súc khỏe

Wine sticky coal is good for health

"If male Vietnam blueberries help improve health, why sticky cam or special rice bran does not do this? Special, This special rice bran as raw materials economy and help enhance the absorption of anti-oxidized best ".
A century ago, This special rice is considered high food that you can only eat new king. Today, This special rice is an important food source in the diet of many Asians, in the noodles, sushi and dessert.
But traders can also use special rice bran or the bran of cereal to make breakfast cereals, drinking water, bread and healthy foods.

Nutritious brown rice than white rice because the levels of vitamin E and anti-oxidized higher. But according to Dr. Xu, rice varieties have purple or black is better for health than.

The scientists also recommend sticky to food colorings, just naturally good for health. Because many studies suggest that, 1 Some pigments can contribute to cancer and problems related to children's behavior.

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