The work to be done for a wedding

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After obtaining the consent of both parties family, through the traditional rites plighting, betrothal and finally to the celebration Wedding, young people to plan customized to depend on the time and level of funding that should do and what should work for scientific computation, reasonable . Most of you are not experienced and do not know what to do before, following a number of experienced guides prepare the preparations for the wedding.

1. Financial Planning :

Reasonable cost estimation will help you and your spouse to the other account deficit after wedding, and leaving the ” hunched repayment “, Estimated budget for how reasonable? to discuss the possibility of the two of you is how much ? Savings account for how much the cost is? Answers to these questions, then choose wedding services to suit the tastes and pockets,

Calculate the cost of reasonable

Often these terms are subdivided , banquet 60%, 30% Terms prepare for the wedding and 10% left for other expenses incurred,

2. On the guest list :

The number of guests that will help you on the list of menus and most affordable table. But you also rely on the budget that invite guests to reasonable offline,

Please subgroups for audience : friend, Your time students, relatives, friends parents, colleagues, partner and some other friends know. or omission to not invite unnecessary.

3. Wedding card :

You should select and print wedding invitation sample before about 2 month and should be in excess of about 40- 50 the case of missing or misspelled offline,

Sample wedding invitation


And should release before the wedding card 1 week.

4. Find party units and up menu :

Your wedding at home or rent, the party selected a cooking unit and on the menu are also important. You should select seasonal menu and can also refer to the menu was a wedding earlier, or seek counseling units party with costs and reasonable quality according to your requirements.

There are many types of party Parties or party buffet :

Wedding Buffet

Banquet table decorated with luxury style, harmony with varied menu.

Buffet with a wide selection, food abundance and diversity, Diners also easily choose your favorite dishes, spontaneous or in part as a party table,

Besides organizing buffet also help you to have more time to interact with friends chat over, through theater, play game,…

If there is not enough space to entertain you can rent a park-like grounds, cultural center, conference center, cafe, ….

We are consulting organization specializing in wedding and home, Please call us to get the service and the best advice : 08 5444 0482.

5. Choose the wedding dress for bride and groom :

Most brides is always eager to share their chosen wedding dress,do rituals at home, the bride would wear a long tradition, so you should choose a long dress and a wedding dress. The groom is wearing vest, If available, you should hire more 1 or maybe unfortunately the latter was used to.

May wedding dress


There's a lot of garments or lease, You have many choices, before choosing rent or garment you should try again to store and edit meticulously cared for your outfit.

6. Buy wedding rings:

Like wedding dresses, you must choose the right size private, Follow your form, you must set as soon offline,

Choose a wedding ring

If you do not have much time, you can purchase rings with templates.

7. Wedding Photograph :

You do not need too serious about it, in fact this is one occasion the bride and groom wedding day marking , after the wedding, but also at taking the view, You must choose a wedding photography package with reasonable financial situation of their.

Wedding Photograph

Often wedding photographer takes surroundings 2 to 3 the date of preparation and implementation, many people go abroad, sometimes for a week, please arrange a suitable time does not affect the other work.

Wedding photography should be at least 2 close-month wedding day because if there is a lot of work to prepare. it will make you tired,

8. Buy furniture needed for family life.

If you must shop at home some household items for a family, the requisites for the kitchen, Bedroom,… Come supermarkets place the appropriate items for the house and the couple's pockets.

bedroom furniture

As if living with parents, you only need to redecorate the private room of the couple. A double bed, wardrobe, dressing table, …

9. Buy blanket, out, cushion, Buffer :

Traditionally, the bride and groom have to buy the blanket crest, out , cushion, Buffer, choose your favorite color, consistent with the tone of bedrooms, not only aesthetic sense but also a tradition, the bride and groom before the wedding day thanks to older people in the house have a happy family life, children early enough to help cover sheets, This means that couples can expect blessed by them and have a happy life in the future.

10. Thanks to the trap trap trap and find food service questions :

Now there are many rental casket questions, fully prepared gifts , competitive prices, there is no much difference, The need is 2 family parties agreed amount is how much casket results 5, 7, 9 there 11 and service will bring home the shutter carefully furnished.

Caskets engagement

The hungry work you can ask relatives , friends, if not, trap food service always ask for your concern.

11. Car Hire flowers :

You should find car rental services and shuttle flower ago 1 months to ensure a good car and car for your wedding day.

12. Wedding flowers :

Hand States. flower brooches, Decorative flower cars, home decoration, port flowers, room decor wedding table decorations and flowers can choose full service flower shop in. Select the sync tone and fit the budget of.

Wedding Flowers

Tips for you : should choose seasonal flowers with reasonable price, not necessarily expensive flowers, because this cost should not only decorate too seriously if needed cost savings for other items.

13. Decorate home preparing for the wedding day:

You ask relatives and friends to help in this forum if they have time, even if a few people, you can hire the services home decoration wedding from A to Z cleanup, home decoration, altar….at your disposal.

14. Makeup Services :

In the studio you rent wedding dresses, shooting services including bridal makeup, You can use our services here, even if having friends or lease select retail services in accordance with the spill point styles and their preferences.

Bridal Makeup

15. Photographic Services, film :

You can not ignore the excitement of the great events you like engagement ceremony, wedding, bride ceremony,… you should use the service video and photographs.

Filming wedding photography

You should also limit before them hovering around some pictures or video recording time to take the photos and the most beautiful movies,

After preparing all the work, bride and groom plan on enjoying the sweet honeymoon period and arrange a time and financial.



















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