The understanding of wine

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The exchanges with partners or reception of entrepreneurs indispensable parties alcohol, Wine can be, alcohol cocktail or simply dishes and snacks in the party TeaBreak, tiệc Cocktail – finger food. We have to get used to the style of dining partners during the integration, and armed with a little knowledge ” slobbering ” to become more confident on the table.
The wines

Wine is extracted from the grapes to ferment, or sometimes from some other fruits. Features of the wine is fermented from grapes directly and not through any distillation. And a concentration of about 8 – 18 the. Wine is seen as a luxury drink and nutritious natural gift for man.

Red wines are made from grapes dark shell. The shell is removed during fermentation, The main substances such as tannin, pigment (anthocyanin) in shells made of natural colors for wine. Typical: Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Merlot Pinot Black hay

White wines are made from different types of grapes, usually the kind of yellow and blue shell. The white wines as: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc Pinot Gris hay. This wine features mild, The most delicious drink when new.

Rosé wines are made from grapes with dark bark was peeled but to make light color of wine, or a mix of red and white wine. Some, like: White Zinfandel, Grenache, Blush and drank delicious when made.

The sparkling wines as champagne extracted in the first stage is the same as the conventional wines, but this wine also has a second fermentation stage to produce bubbles. The typical types: Champagne, Quarry, Cre'mant VA Sparkling Brut.

Wines often, or sparkling wine is used for dessert wines like Port, Sherry, Wood Eiswein và. Sugar content of the wine is quite high.

The fruit wines are derived from fruits such as: training, apple and raspberry combined with grapes more.

Combine wine suitable for food

To create harmony for food and beverage choices must know food and wine respectively. To organize a party using red wine wine should choose red meat as beef, Give, Sheep,.. Also, use white wine with seafood or poultry. Sometimes you also pay attention to individual tastes, preferences of each person.

With fishy dish, choose the wine a little sour, while the concentration of red wine tart again suitable for red meat spin or baked.

And if you eat dessert wines should choose a moderate sweetness, if not stomach protests

How to open and pour wine : This is also part of wine enjoyment

How to open wine bottles

1. Use a sharp knife to cut the capsule bottle about 2 cm below the orifice and then wipe with a dry cloth.

2. Keep straight opener tool, screw in until nearly the last round. Pull up more 1 cm for the opener and then screwed down to the end, slowly pull up gently to avoid air into the wine quickly to tamper.

3. Smelling the cork in the bottle of wine to know how. Young Wine, The new node is stronger smell button. The old wine has been absorbed button more wine and liquor may know already damaged due to age.

Pour a bit of a cup to try, if corked wine( all smell like dirty wet), it means that the wine has broken.

Process wine opener

Pouring wine:

Principles pouring from right to left, to gently pour, not be dropped on the table.

Pour about 2/3 glass for red wines in general, Drink at room temperature; approximately half cup or 1/3 cups for cold drinks wine.

Enjoying wine is an art if that want to enjoy the taste of it all!






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