Decorating Style BBQ unique

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Here are some unique ideas from canvas or rough canvas called spikes, these fabrics are often used to package goods, now used very commonly used to decorate the cafe, shop for clothes, but also can be applied to the party as a party Wedding, certain unique events… Here are some of the decor for the party more impressive close and.

1. Decorate invitations : The invitation is made from burlap rustic but very impressive

Invitation with a rough cloth spine

Your Smile by canvas

2. Bouquet :

With coarse cloth spine will emphasize bouquet

Decorated with a bride and groom

3, Flower table decorations:

Flower table decorations

4, How to decorate food party

Organized in modern style, party buffet Wedding, party cocktail- finger food, Outdoor Parties, can be arranged according to the following types:

decorated banquet space


Container with canvas seat

Gifts for guests

Layout of food

Canvas pieces can be used as decorative pieces on a table or display dessert dishes, Fruit.

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

tiec buffet

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