Backdrops backdrops for your wedding party

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To create a focal point for your ceremony or at the reception desk during the party, the backdrops heap huge role in the design and decoration for a party Wedding. The beautiful backdrops designed an elaborate beauty will attract people and break up the party

Custom designs according to your style, theme and colors, location. We will create a backdrop exactly what you'd expect with any material you requested.
We created a list of racing including custom :
Option of rich materials
Colors to choose from. For more 40 color and free advice
Custom lighting and spatial backdrop of party time.
Installation and dismantling after the party ends ( what you need to do is look and enjoy a lively backdrop, beautiful as what you expect ).
Adorn the party scene with lots of your choice as :as crystal curtain, crystal column, flower, lantern, drapery wall expansion…
More information is available at our Call us at 08 5444 0482 or send them via email to for a free consultation.


For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

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