Etiquette prepare trays for wedding gifts

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Although the offering of each different but Lex betrothal ceremony Wedding always have betel, customs and traditions that are indispensable in any public wedding
I would like to introduce some economic Ninh addiction accumulated during work, organizations prepare for the bridal couple and they hang two sides

In the North

From Hue to the, While preparing the younger crowd will be asked to prepare casket casket offering that number is odd (may from 3 seabream, 5 seabream, to 11, 15 seabream)
– In the trap, the number of items that must be even (eg 100 crumb cake, 100 lotus tea pack… to symbolize the couple had twin, pair)
– These gifts can often trap:
+ Betel and areca
+ Cereal
+ Tea
+ Lotus seeds
+ Wine and tobacco
+ Fruits
+ Pigs rotation
– Tray for envelopes of money (Black Mass) is to separate, Mother held by the groom to the bride's mother gave.

To prepare the food trap this question, You can find these stores offer full service in Hang Than, Street map engagement ceremony is most famous Hanoi. In addition, other small shops on the street as Kim Ma, Bach Mai, Thai Ha, Nguyen Trai, Cau Giay can also preparing for the wedding ceremony beautiful your question.

In the South

– In contrast to traditional in the North, Southern families often require an even number of trap is, but the most common are 6 seabream (number 6 symbol of fortune).
– In the trap, the number of items to be odd, symbol for the proliferation.
– The popular fruit tray often:
+ Betel and areca
+ Cake spousal
+ Chicken or pork rotation
+ Xôi
+ Wine, medicine and tea
+ Fruits
– In addition to the fruit tray, the boys have prepared a smaller tray, Deposit cross (called Black Mass) to bring to burn incense on the altar girl.
– With the affluent, the boys will prepare a tray tunic and jewelry for brides. During the engagement ceremony, the bride will wear a long, jewelry donated by the boys and then greet them every two sides.

In Saigon, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street terminal, starting from the intersection you are a home to many shops holidays, The most asked eating fruit tray. You can also refer fruit tray service in the Chinatown neighborhood in District 5, near Cholon.

But the food offerings in each group had different questions, but there is a trap indispensable tray of betel and areca by the Vietnamese as betel is the story and the fruit is important to burn incense on the altar ancestors. When choosing cau, you must choose the chamber to results, equal, the lush palm roots, betel leaf stains. Before the engagement, the boys and girls should be discussed thoroughly, The best is the girl's family should clearly list the type of desired gifts to bring home to the date younger eat asked everyone happy smoothly.

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