Cute gift thank wedding

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Trong những buổi tiệc Wedding trước khi tiễn khách ra về thường cô dâu chú rể sẽ tặng cho bạn bè người thân của mình một món quà nho nhỏ đề làm kỉ niệm và cảm ơn đã đến dự lễ cưới. These gifts usually by the bride and groom will choose such as convergence :

– Baking cookies with cute patterns :


And there are many cute templates if you wish to set, This pie can be eaten or decorations that are long, cost is not too high.

– Handmade Soap : With the scent , colors and eye-catching shape, handmade soap is the choice of young people. Here are some sample reference :

Handmade soap

With so many cute shapes



– Scented candles can also be used as unique gifts :


Candles Gift

Heart Candles

– Couple keychains

Couple keychains

– The pair lined cups funny.

Funny coasters

– If abundant funds may be awarded the ceramic glass or porcelain utensils luxury

Glass ceramic

And there are many other types of gifts such as scented bags, fan type, … These dishes usually dependent on economic interests and of each person can choose the right gift. These gifts are sometimes necessary and becomes more meaningful when you feel it makes sense.

Wish you choose meaningful gifts for wedding day be happy!







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