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Recently in Asakara, Japan has just opened a cafe called Cafe Quska Sleeping exclusively for women to help women get a short nap comfort to reduce fatigue stress at work.

cà phê ngủ dành cho nữ giới

sleeping coffee for women

Only 1,6 U.S. to use this great service within 10 minutes but several studies have shown that sleep in the same compartment 10-15 minutes will increase work productivity and promote the brain activity. Besides, customers will be provided with additional services wake service by phone through a special headset that customers receive when to quan.Theo ads are posted on the shop's web site, the use of This service can increase productivity up to 20%.
Quska only for women, using aromatic essential oils to enhance the relaxing effect of nap and bring to a space specifically designed for cosmetics, where women entrepreneurs can bathe before returning to the office.

bên trong quán cà phê ngủ

inside the cafe to sleep

In Japan, Coffee shop Quska Sleep is not the only service that gives customers the feeling of relaxation after a stressful working hours. Earlier, Cuddling Soineya Cafe is also known as a customer care service by the arms of the beautiful girl, whereby customers need to spend 80 Dollars to be able to enjoy the feeling of relaxation within 1 hours.

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

tiec buffet

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