Miraculous effects of turmeric

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Turmeric has many uses as you heal, medicine but particularly for turmeric skin effects acne; Exfoliate; shrink pores,scar reduction and anti-, limiting the birthmark (eczema) through effects on skin antiseptic top it all off,Anti greasy. Many studies confirmed significant effects of technology on small wounds and wounds left by acne.

củ nghệ có tác dụng thần kỳ

turmeric works magic

With this utility, technology used for skin care at home. However, by exfoliation effects are strongly advised to use technology during, need to protect the skin when out in the sun by applying sunscreen and cover wounds technology is being applied to anti-black skin and dark skin. If not protected, premature skin by exfoliating effect stronger than the sun goes down will cause increased skin pigmentation and dark spots or acne scars. When you have good skin protection and skin care with the art will bring more efficiency.
A smooth white skin will help you feel more confident when going to a party

tác dụng làm đẹp da

beauty skin effect

Mask Technology: Turmeric peel, washed, puree and water extract, Using a cotton ball (cotton bleaching) waterproof technology applied to clean skin and leave for about 30 minutes, then take steps to skin care as usual.

You can also prepare 1 spoon mixture of turmeric powder and soybean meal (or rice flour) rata 1:1; then add milk or yogurt, Stir. Apply this mixture on your face and wait until it is almost dry and then wash off. This mask facial cleansing, Help is always bright and smooth skin.

With pregnant women: Use turmeric powder mixed with honey, vo to each member and each day took some. Use the following 1 January will see the obvious effect with smooth white skin like baby.

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