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We often hear about Tea, interesting elegant tea with the Japanese ritual lasted less picky 4 hours. Tea formed from the ninth century, but its purpose is to create peace, Meditate to drop more harmony with nature, landscape as directed in the concept of Zen Buddhism.

Annam tea popular in Tokyo

Before the fourteenth century, Japanese pottery been little development, mostly based in China and Tea is also located on the campus of the temple and the rich family proud, lords but to the fifteenth century, While tea drinking habits increasingly popular, spread in people's lives, the demand for ceramic development comes also become increasingly aggressive and sophisticated, more skillful. That's karma reunion of Japanese tea ceremony and Vietnamese ceramics in the late sixteenth century, the early seventeenth century when the Japanese trade delegation boat in the wind and south dock Hoi An, Pho Hien ...

Japanese merchant ships to Vietnam

In more 35 year, a number of Vietnamese ceramics have gone from here to cater to the art of tea drinking, called Beni-Anam, a tea cup blue flowers have red dot and green splendor or lotus represented by green and red are very nice but Shogun Tokugawa family was very popular.
Tea sect popular in the seventeenth century Showa Kanamori still kept a jar of white glaze of lotus Vietnam (century XII - XIII) rich and proud family still kept in Osaka types of cup, flask for use in the tea ceremony. For a while Vietnam scarce goods, kilns in Kyoto has to piracy instead called Annam-yaki Kyoyaki.

Vietnam Duco tea used in Japanese tea ceremony

Anything interesting in when attending a "party" on the tea cup is holding a Water Vietnamese ceramics have been hundreds of years ago with a thickness of possible long retain warmth in cool breeze . It is possible to enjoy the cherry blossom season every year in the park in the ancient city of Kyoto.

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