Thực đơn cho Finger food

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Finger food is a unique formation is to use hand to eat directly, as opposed to a knife, Muong hay đũa,… usually held in the intimate party, party alcohol or light dinner. Finger food not only simple food that is both a enjoy art.

Một số món ăn finger food hấp dẫn, suitable for parties.

Sausage wonton cup.

Raw materials :

4 German sausage, shell silk

1 Tomato sauce box

1/2 muỗng cafe tỏi băm

1/2 teaspoon dried basil

24 wonton pieces

1 Chén phomat Ý


Cho XUC xich VAO 1 large pan , fry over medium heat until cooked, Stir tomato sauce into , minced garlic and basil, boil, to small fire, from 8-10 minutes or until the surge.

Meanwhile, take pieces of wonton on 1 Lam Cai Tach muffins. return to the oven baked in 350 about 8-9 minutes or yellowish.

Get the scoop spoon the sausage mixture into the cup, rắc pho mát Ý, baked more 5-7 minutes until melted.

Bread sauce onion sausage rolls aramelised

Bánh mì xúc xích sốt hành tây caramel

Bread sausage onion caramel sauce

Raw materials : for 12 the

-Banh Mi mini 12 cut in the middle.

-2 muỗng canh dầu oliu

– 4 củ hành tím , sliced

– 2 tablespoon of vinegar.

– 3 tablespoon mustard

– Small sausage 12 the

How do:

1. Heat the cooking oil in the kitchen, vinegar and onion stir about 10-12 minutes for gold, Chuyen san Mau caramel , cool, for the fridge. be able to 5 ngày

2. Sausage baked in the oven until golden brown , cool

3. eating, for the bread of caramel sauce, add sausage, with mustard and 1 branch parsley.


So there are dishes on the menu for dinner finger food and.

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