Reduced fat foods

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According to experiments conducted at the Research Centre of Nutrition and Metabolism Scripps Clinic ate ​​half a grapefruit at every meal or drink grapefruit juice three times a day can help you lose about 1.5 kg in the 12 Week. The phytochemicals in grapefruit lowers insulin levels, a process of forcing the body to turn calories into energy instead of the sticky tissue.


According to a recent study from Columbia University, then in all weight loss programs are advised to eat apples. The reason is that apple pectin (a component of dietary fiber) weight loss, made especially abdominal fat.


You may want to limit calories tolerated by starting the day with a meal salad (not mixed with oil). It will take the place of sugar, starch and fat in your stomach. In addition, eat a salad every day is beneficial to health because the body receive extra vitamin C and E, acid folic, lycopen và carotene, all of which are helping fight disease, maintain youth.


A small soup bowl and stave off hunger as a piece of chicken: That's what Purdue University have discovered by observing 18 Women and 13 male volunteers.

The researchers suggest that even if you only need a cup of vegetable soup (no meat) also have the effect of satisfying hunger for making your brain feel full stomach, so it will not eat anymore hunger signals.

The food made with low fat milk and yogurt

If you eat more foods made with milk and yoghurt, You will have the opportunity to lose weight more quickly and more, especially easy slimming ring 2. This happens because the food made of milk to lower cortisol in the body, that this quality is related to the accumulation of fat. Every Day, eat two to three servings of yogurt made with milk or food with less fat is enough to lose weight and reduce belly fat.


When you eat high-fiber foods that you will no longer and therefore eat less. This means that you lower calorie tolerated and reduced the risk of overeating. Enhanced grain in breakfast is a good idea. The fruit, and vegetables, beans contain more fiber. This Season, easy to make and easy to eat is corn (Boiled) and black beans, moderate cooling effect, smooth skin, has no long. Eat these instead of bread and starch.

Green Tea

Many researchers recommend that health is to drink green tea every day to lose weight and belly fat. Component in green tea is slender body antioxidant catechin, This substance works to speed up metabolism and burn fat. In addition, Green tea also helps reduce mental stress, loại bỏ stress.

Lean meat

This type of meat you should eat for dinner if you want to lose weight. Leucine amino acid found in the protein of meat and fish as well as in dairy products, can help you slim down without being "bare bones". In addition, those with more lean meat on the menu are less prone to famine than.

Dầu olive

Types of olive oil "extra virgin" very good for people who want to lose weight because it is a single type of unsaturated fat can help you burn off calories. You can use olive oil in a lot of cases: Most popular salad, put bread or fried foods or added to soup or porridge.

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  1. Yes ! Moderate eating grapefruit good for weight loss


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