Rent buffet Instruments


Equipment rental with dinner buffet was plentiful and varied. Our company specializes in supplying equipment for the unit restaurant agencies, restaurants and individuals in need party organization and its events. Rental of tables and chairs to sit, line table buffet, line bar table.

Renting pot buffet rectangular compartment, Two thousands

Renting pot pie buffet, Soup pot containing soup buffet

Renting cylinders juice, juice jug buffet

Rental cylinders with electric tea buffet

Renting cylinders inox tea buffet restaurant

Rental of buffet buffet

Tổ chức tiệc cuối năm buffet

Rental of buffet buffet

Renting a large porcelain decorated food

Rental of stainless food tongs

Rental Beer Tower

For Rent Desk Bar

Renting Legs feed Statistics

Rental desk Buffet food presentation , tablecloths

Equipment leasing organization buffet buffet

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2 Comments for posts Rent buffet Instruments
  1. Nguyen Thi Ngoc nest,vi 30/06/2016 at 4:31 pm Reply

    Hi !
    Tôi muốn được giúp đỡ tư vấn về tiệc Buffet ngoài trời cho tiệc “Đính Hôn” .
    I was in Xining City . I do not know the side of the Company has not received as far ? We planned a party around 80 visitors back .
    I look forward to hearing from the Company earliest .
    I sincerely thank .

  2. Phương Liên 19/09/2016 at 11:13 pm Reply

    Mình muốn thuê 150 ly uống rượu vang cho sự kiện cty, phía cty anh/chị tính mức giá như thế nào báo lại giúp mình

    Sự kiện diễn ra vào chiều tối ngày 22/09/2016 nên vui lòng báo lại sớm giups

    Cảm ơn ạnh/chị


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