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Nguồn gốc rượu vang

Wines originating from Europe and today also many Vietnamese families though wine is not cheap. Wine is enjoying nature rather than rice wine , for Vietnam's drink white wine. When you drink wine you need to know:

1. How to choose wine

It is often used

Rượu vang DJO for meat dishes and

White wines for seafood

  • Do not dilute ice wine
  • Red meat dishes : baked , turning to red wine
  • From seafood dishes to use white wine
  • France, Italy, About lê, U.S., UC, Spain is the most wine exporter
  • Drinking red wine at a temperature of 20 ° C-28 ° C, when drinking red wine not so chilled or with ice. You can see on the bottle

2. How to drink

Enjoy : pouring wine under 1/2 glass, drinking a cup of wine to drink. Wines you, very long, red-brown. What about other types of ruby ​​red

Shake: When drinking wine, people usually twisting wine in the glass so that it can sell up to and observe its level of adhesion

Smell : After shaking, the inventory nose to smell the taste of wine, for the wine connoisseur and have used many types of alcohol to be able to distinguish between wine quality or not, also for those who are new to or at first use, you can also do so to experience. Often the wine in oak barrels for smoked so can you smell this.

Tasting: understanding the origin of the wine to help you have a better concept of how to enjoy wine, flavor of each wine. When drinking you should not drink 1 which should steam sipping wine by little cleft lip and so on 1 little air enters the mouth with alcohol , alcohol will help you more charming. You suck a little wine, easy to feel. For every drop of wine spilled over the tongue before going into the stomach. Some people have different ways of tasting, so you should not be surprised when some dim with drinking wine.

Sip: wine has a slightly tart taste and hard to drink, you have to use tongue and nose to assess the quality of the wine.

Feel wine your way and you will see the good, a quarter of the wine. Wines may be used in a party with a few dishes finger food will be as great.

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