Tiệc cưới Finger Food

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In western countries, party finger food suitable for all events such as parties Wedding or in certain occasions that really do not need large meals, unless of course you have planned for a big party or the sort wedding of you at the time of the meal.

Some ideas for tiệc cưới finger food that you often see in the party is the cake cookies, cake ( is the most common type), biscuits, French fries, sandwiches, các loai hạt, salad, pho mast that.

The barbecue is always popular in the party and is very popular, why do not we try finger food for dinner is easy to prepare and sure to be a lot of love in modern society?

You can combine them with lemon juice, Tea, or fruit juice depending on your topic. Frozen yogurt is also a good choice.

Tasty Finger food with Tiecbuffet.com

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If you have a list of dishes for the wedding and are looking for some ideas, you can choose to combine a lunch and dinner menu. You should also add a bar where guests can choose many different types of water.

Depending on the theme of the wedding, you can find ideas for wedding party food as well as the wedding finger food to prepare. Here are some examples :

Hawaiian-style wedding: if you want a party inspired from Hawaii, think Ooops with enough fruits, cut beautifully decorated in true, sculpture on fruit such as watermelon on, kết hợp với những loại thức uống như cocktail, juice, it's not that fun.

Barbecue : If you choose an outdoor wedding with barbecue plans to select the Grill, Reference how organizations at tiecbuffet.com to be consulting, choose their own great idea of ​​an outdoor party.

Asian-style party : You can select Asian dishes like Kimpap, spring rolls, no, rice dishes,….

If the party held at noon , you have added items such as salad, rau Tươi, potato. chicken or fish,.. And do not forget the vegetarian dish if you are vegetarian. If you want to organize a party with good food appetizing , you need to learn customer preferences offline.

You can prepare a menu for your party , features you can ask for the menu, should choose dishes for reasonable. Tiệc cưới finger food là một ý tưởng hay, why do not we try it for yourself? Unique new style , modern and luxurious line with the current trend!


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