Mini wedding party

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You held a crowd Wedding extravaganza with a large number of, Her uncle and friends at home and !! But City, where you are living and working; some dear friends who have yet to attend two days of fun are you at??

Question: So there is need to organize a little party for everyone to attend or not ?
Reply: You are reading this line to mean that it is necessary for the two of you.

Organize a small intimate weddings and Cozy, guest-starring her friends wish that they would cheer for me. It's like a party to introduce the two ones you have officially come together.
Unlike mini wedding party wedding reception at the restaurant, where you have to go through with the second being tired rituals, congratulations go to each table will also make you tired.

Mini wedding party, you will find yourself happier, why ?

  • The number of guests is limited
  • Forms form party Buffet with extensive menu
  • Space diversity, options according to your preference, we have a list of cafes, where beautiful space, lobes prefer you can choose.
  • If you like more excitement we will provide: MC, Circus, Games for attendees. company Wedding party mini top in HCMC, we will give you the best advice as:

  • Consultant location: coffee, resort, resort,…
  • Design thiệp mời
  • On the guest list + Send invitation
  • Prepare gifts to carry on
  • Contents wedding party: menu món ăn, Decorating, flower, Bong Bong,…
  • Other services such as: mc, Circus, magic,…

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