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Tháp bánh cupcake tại sự kiện Zing Music Awards 2012

Tháp bánh cupcake tại sự kiện Zing Music Awards 2012

Cupcake Party là dạng tiệc nhẹ và mang thiên hướng trang trí cho sự kiện. Of these cakes are beautifully decorated cupcake, according to the event's theme and diverse forms. Cake is usually presented on the cake towers high, more stories.
Cupcake is a small cake of easy to eat, more convenient cupcake cake is that you do not need to cut out pieces for each individual. Regarding aesthetics, the cupcake tower was going on and build buzz for the event ( see pyramid cake at Zing Music Awards 2013 be done )

Party cupcakes often used in events such as: party Wedding, asked, birthday, event decoration,…

Ingredients usually include cupcake party : Bánh cupcake các loại và các loại cocktail, soft drink . Decorative flowers and eye-catching layout tools


You want to organize a cupcake party should do ?


You contact them in the information below or in part Contact Us

We need you to provide some information about upcoming events to set the Event Planning for your event including the content of the event will take place. The content elements, The main decoration of the program. Design decorative cupcake tower

Dụng cụ trang trí tiệc

Trang trí tiệc cupcake

SOME cupcakes

cupcake 1

Cupcake 2

cupcake 3

cupcake 4

cupcake 5

cupcake 6

cupcake 7

cupcake 8

cupcake 9

cupcake 10

cupcake 11

cupcake 12

cupcake 13

cupcake 14

cupcake 14

cupcake 15

cupcake 15

tt 1

tt 1

tt 2

tt 2

tt 3

tt 3

tt 4

tt 5

tt 6

tt 7

tt 8

tt 9

tt 9

With a staff of creative professionals, Cupcake party is to be represented by us will bring satisfaction to you and your guests.

hình ảnh sự kiện đã thực hiện
Contact us at cupcake party information below

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

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