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Finger Food if translated into Vietnamese understandable that most ” impulsive eating ” Finger Food dinner dishes are decorated mini-compact form for easy feeding by hand, Normally when eating finger food you do not need to use a knife, chopsticks , or you can fork to hold food into his mouth.

Cuisine manually derived from the early, when man invented yet another tool, however today , Finger Food Party served as 1 pun on the name of the dish and how to appreciate the decoration of dishes to suit the space and modern life. Finger food dishes decorated on skewers, to regale people can hold hands dirty and do not be afraid. Tiệc Finger Food

In some European countries today, they also have a habit of celebrating Wedding by fingerfood to make a difference and increase the share exchanges for participants

Our company provides services Finger Food party site with extensive menu, variety of European dishes, On.

Tai menu Finger Food DJE Xem Món AN

Download Finger Food packages proposed

The drinks do uong Drinks are many kinds cocktail , soda, wines and fruit juices. Finger Food Organizations need a supplier of professional services and have more experience in this field to be able to offer you a choice as you like. With many years of experience in organizing events , Finger Food by party tiecBuffet.com | FOOD & EVENT is the top choice for you. Our motto has always Dedicated service !

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  1. Cho hỏi loại tiệc này phù hợp với bao nhiêu người, và giá cả thế nào?

  2. This kind of party is held in such occasions and where it is appropriate?

    • This kind of party is organized on the occasion of the opening, conference…dietary needs just talking exchanges and sightseeing. Eating lighter and faster. Unlike type buffet is fed

  3. has branches in Hanoi is not it?

  4. HÌnh thức này có phù hợp với tiệc nhẹ của đám hỏi – rước dâu tại nhà không a.


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