Tải Menu BBQ – Barbecue

Party baked also known as BBQ ( Barbecue Party ) is a party which feed mainly barbecue with coals. This type of party requires attractive and organized space to spacious and comfortable. The smell of barbecue guests will enjoy and will definitely enjoy the selection of your favorite dishes, hot and fast. BBQ party is familiar with the Vietnamese people but with the western countries, BBQ common. It is even included in the building at a fixed place in the garden.

A BBQ party tend to extend so that's when people share information with each other, establishing new relationships and improve old relationships. It is often said: ” stomach when it is talking about is easy ”

Music is also part of the barbecue BBQ, can some people even hire musicians to perform

tiệc nướng bbqThe food at the barbecue mainstream usually made from foods such instructions:

  • Barbecue skewer
  • Sheep, pig, cow, grilled chicken skewers
  • Grilled seafood : Grilled Shrimp , building types
  • Fish , Ink, Crab, Cua Nuong
  • Grilled vegetables types : corn, Just Khoai, other fruit
  • Drinks : Bia, juice, cocktail,…

Barbecue BBQ (Bar-B-Que ) appropriate institutions in the evening as the end of the year party, meeting friends, Festival Companies. Công ty TiecBuffet có dịch vụ party organization nướng tận nơi. If you have planned for your party, Please contact us for the most professional organizations !

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

tiec buffet
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  1. I intend to organize a party tet of the late years for the company on the date 29/12/2012, tiec buffet BBQ , dia diem invitation of Egyptian Xa Hoi Kha, Toi co the dat tiec voi cty TNHH YTC ko? Rat can nhan mail phan hoi. Thanks!

    • Welcome,
      The service they provide in locations outside Ho Chi Minh City, can you provide more information as :
      – Number of guests ( ed Tre em !? )
      – Venue

  2. I have planned to organize bbq feast for the women in the company, but the company in Dong Nai on March 20/10, I can put party for YTC not limited company? số lượng khách khoảng 80-100 People including children. Menu and prices How?

  3. Inside his company intends all annual party in mid-May 1/2016 (BBQ nhé),
    – Number of: about 60 -70 people
    – Location: you help your internal consultation on leased point always nhé, thoáng mát, outdoor (in or near Ho Chi Minh City, or Vung Tau)
    (Defending travel will arrange car)
    Send yourself Quotation for details.

  4. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Yen 30/06/2016 at 4:33 pm Reply

    Hi !
    I want help advise on the outdoor buffet for dinner "Engagement" .
    I was in Xining City . I do not know the side of the Company has not received as far ? We planned a party around 80 visitors back .
    I look forward to hearing from the Company earliest .
    I sincerely thank .

  5. Chao ban

    Grape Advisory Committee help a venue for the family BBQ in HCMC. There's a family 24 cool

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