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Tea drinking culture in many countries, however raised it into a religion, only Japanese. Although tea was introduced to this island from Chinese tea rituals that have been modified and become unique to the point nobody care about it. We can say now referred to as the tea people think about Japan.
Tea, National drug definition of Japanese people.
Japanese tea bearing the initial impact of the Theravada Buddhist Meditation, it is also affected by many of the Japanese Shinto rituals and symbols of the minimalist aesthetic but only in ancient Japanese culture. All the stages, the details of the tea ceremony are looking for perfection in things extremely simple.
Since the beginning, Tea has more features pure point and harmony into the lives of the Japanese. It represents romance, definition and purity discreetly in a social order which is valued. The Japanese tea ceremony look like a perfect way to gently strokes incomplete in this life.
The Japanese can use powder or tea leaves and tea brewing materials also differ. However, the rules and spirit of the tea ceremony is invariant.
Entering loss tea
It may be a small house or a room dedicated to tea. Loss tea began appearing century 16 and have a major influence on Japanese architecture. The biggest new feature is the simplicity of its decoration, bars architectural drawings and small in scale. Today, cost of building a sophisticated interior tea is even more expensive than building a complete home for only the best carpenter can perform. A loss tea is no less than a little hard work lacquered class.

Tea failure can be a room or a small house space.

Interior side of tea, Japan has the form of a simple decoration in the spirit of the tea ceremony. Although the area is very small but still a loss tea slightly indented corners and walls are adorned with a picture, a calligraphy scroll, a vase or an incense oven.
Interior decoration in tea corner.
Flowers are also used in interior tea-style plug that elegant simplicity. It does not have strict rules that express feelings, employer's mind.
Flowers adorn the interior tea with casual style.
See, tea
The Japanese have a lot of tools used in the preparation of tea. The most important of which is the cup of tea, tea container, warm water. There are also many other things depending on the type of school as tea spoon, cloths with many different uses, and more.
Cup of tea with meticulous pattern, separate. In the tea party does not have two identical cup,vi.
Tea container is made of lacquered delicately.
Warm iron is also used to heat water is kind of meticulous decoration.
Using tea tree hit the powder tea and bamboo.
Wait owners prepare tea
Employers will warm cup whole coated in hot water, then wipe dry towel and placed in front of customers.
Tea water is heated to about 80 – 90 the. Do not use boiling water to keep the color of tea is beautiful.
Depending on the type of tea that can be mixed 3 or more countries. Every time pouring tea, owners will pour respectively within, each time a moderate amount of water to ensure everyone's cup of tea in the same.
Japanese tea is usually served with pastries.
Drinking tea is not the same Japanese style drinking lip click the Vietnamese and Chinese usually do. The Japanese eat a piece of cake before tea, cake will make you more outstanding and tea is usually made from potato flour, soybean meal (he and his father as they often drink tea or sip green bean cakes or chewing some right touch? ). Then, they drink a relatively large amount of tea, so that in 2, 3 drinks a cup of tea will end.. When drinking, but do not pour more tea waiting for his owner.
The Japanese tea cup drained after 2, 3 sip, different from Vietnam and China.
When the tea party ends, people respectfully bowed to each other before going home. All the stages, rituals are performed gently, slow and quiet.
Tea ceremony is evident 4 characteristics Hoa, Glass, Bar, Purification. Hoa is sociable, harmony, gentle. Glass is mutual respect. Bar is the bar is clean and Pure silence. All contributed to the human soul is relaxed and create the style of Japanese man.

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