Tea Party – Origins

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There are many hypotheses about the origin and popularity of tea drinking in Britain. One of them is the story of Queen Catharine of Braganza, wife of Charles 2.

Ms. Prince is a native of Portugal loves to drink tea in accordance with the practice of her homeland. When you arrive in the UK 1662 to marry Charles 2, She was carrying a small box of tea. She is known as the first queen in British history tea as usual.

In England, Queen Catharine had invited friends into her bedroom and shared tea with them. These people are the tea-century aristocratic ladies 18. From there, Tea is becoming increasingly popular in the British aristocratic life.

Queen Anne of England after she paid also to the point she had to make a big teapot silver teapot replacement for small vessels. The custom of serving tea was born from the Queen Anne period.



Century 18, the tea garden became very popular. This place became the meeting place of the noble, both men and women to relax, Entertainment, including the famous musicians of all time as Mozart and Handel. The tea gardens have helped drinks tea became fashionable and is where girls and boys can enjoy, free to meet.



Afternoon tea party is widespread thanks to the development of media in late 1830, first year 1840. In the novels of Jane Austen, đã thấy xuất hiện bóng dáng của các tiệc trà như thế này.



When to enjoy tea at a tea party, participants to hold hands and greet each other, the sugar into the cup before, then to a thin slice of lemon and lemon never drink and milk. Style for milk in tea is imported from France.



There are many different types of tea party, The most basic is: afternoon tea (Afternoon tea, often from 2 – 5 now) và high tea (from 5 time to 7 pm). High tea is a popular type of party, but the tea has high name for the table type is usually used high table (high table).



These foods are usually served in the tea party crackers, jam, eggs, sandwich or chocolate.

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