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In any work that is unexpected nature of it, although planned prior arrangement but the objective factors always happen quickly requires you to respond to it.
With our work, There are many factors that we can not expect to work. Here are some of the job requirements and shared some of his experiences working with you :
– The job requires you to arrive early, spend time preparing? There are many reasons : nature of the work requires us to prepare more, might encounter on the road traffic, lost, cargo truck was not in the building's basement or parking farther away from shipping, small freight elevator, long travel time, You must take time to transfer goods into the,vv..lam delay time not in time to prepare dinner.
– In the party, often very diverse menu, there are many dishes, we must know how to arrange the time to share so that the most reasonable. For example,, you can not just focus on doing the dishes, but forget the table decorations for the party started, Can we bring food slowly in waves not necessarily decorated food in a moment.

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– When cut fruit, Menu examples include 5 fruits : Mango, plum, Pineapple, Guava, dragon. You should cut each disk a few not so intently on a fruit that you forget other types are not ready yet.

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