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Are you planning to organize an outdoor birthday party for your baby in the baby's birthday? You are struggling in the mess did not know what to do? What Organizations? Do not worry, here are some tips that FOOD & EVENT | would suggest that you get what you expect. It was successfully organized an outdoor birthday party for her baby home.

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Babies with artisans expressed inquisitive and clown shaped bubbles.

Things to be aware of:

1. Rent orchestra, making stage
An outdoor party should have the stage and accompanying music to create atmosphere for the party. Dinner in the evening, you should estimate the band played until midnight. If the weather was not a dry season very well, you can hire or rent 1 theatrical staging tent, staging and cleanup will help take time.
2. Choose a theme
Decision theme for the party is a problem that needs to think carefully; because it will determine the degree of interaction talk, game activities of the guests and your family as a party buffet or banquet baked BBQ, TIEC finger food,… other parties will help people to easily talk to each other more. From there, Please give the exact menu.
3. Decorate the party space
Whether it's a small dinner in the garden of the family home or a big party with friends, they decorated the banquet space is the essential. Here are a few ideas:
– Use scented candles, put in a couple somewhere in your home garden, it would be great.
– Order flowers if your lawn is not available. Creative, you can use the hanging flower pots to make more lively space high above the home garden, or to mask the shortcomings common to space fence close.
– Decorate with balloons all colors. This section may also be intended for children after the party ends.
4. Rented banquet service
The larger party, More work needs to prepare. Starting plan prepared by hiring furniture and dishes. Then, up menu and set dinner. Because you will not have enough time to implement all the dishes. If the big feast, The best advice FOOD & EVENT is that you should choose a professional supplier to help you make every party plan program, do you have time for other things and meet your guests.
5. Simple mixing drinks
These parties usually use bottled soft drinks or beer. But everyone knew the drinks would adversely affect human health in the long term.
Please manually prepare the beverages simple. It would not take long for one or juice bottle, or some kind cocktail easy. This approach also saves little more.
6. The menu is reasonable
Need to carefully consider when to party menu. The food must be adequate, should not underestimate or. You also need to pay attention ordering dishes. Example, snacks can be used as appetizers, fried foods, grilled main dish, then the pot and finally the dessert with fruit or cream. If you need advice, you can call to FOOD & EVENT |, we will help you.
7. "Late dinner"
You worry the party will be part mountain fixtures need cleanup, that alone can not undertake more? Why not suggest people together hand contribute cleanup? Preset some trash in the corner. You can use paper dishes if an event buffet. After use, just put all the trash, that's it!

For anyone chaos with his job, FOOD & EVENT | we will help you perform the steps from preparing dinner, planning program, sound, stage, menu… We will provide you with the service you're looking for.

Please contact us to get the best advice about ORGANIZATION OF BIRTHDAY OUTDOOR.

Thank you!

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

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