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I participated in an event organized outdoor broadcast live on TV. When the program is running 10 minutes, then heavy rain, audience stampeded away but must continue singer to sing on the air.
Watch on television shows such as pouring rain, singers to take up whether to sing, played raincoat crowd to watch.
Vaessen rain stopped but the sky will increasingly heavy rain. The Organizing Committee of the circumstances turn to cry , turn to laugh. But here is the live show is aired and duration 1 English so people have to try to finish the.
It was a memorable day's work crew program
There is also the "incident" occurred outside of the will of a business or organization because not only familiar with "rules". First lets talk please press conference, agency which has been very clearly defined management: time license for Vietnam is now a days, enterprises with foreign elements is seven days. Who worried held a press conference for foreign companies that do not understand this rule, look forward to every new day as long as permitted, not to fall into… adjournment!

event , to chuc su kien

Time is an important factor in Event

Next is to hang banners advertising the event. If there are companies organizing events promise customers that will hang banners for at least a week, in more 20 location "prime" in the city is just false promises ...!
At an event organized professional, it will be up to the crisis management solution. Accordingly, Organizers will predict bad situations that can happen, how to resolve specific case may happen ... Doing so will better than just trying to make a perfect style program to avoid the occurrence of any negligence. In fact, this is impossible, sometimes even counterproductive, as fixed by this cycle, it is easy to find the loopholes on the other hand.
Earlier this year, a new consulting company founded workshops to introduce their activities. Given that this simple, Companies do not hire outside services that stand out arrangements. Due reservations at a luxury hotel in Saigon juggernaut so everything needed for the workshop has been carefully arranged. But what the company did not anticipate the depth of the academic conference – many professors, PhD to read the lengthy speeches – making people listen is difficult to acquire, while the time for discussion is no longer. The workshop lasted more than an afternoon, give attendees the most, luncheon meeting of the company as failure. So is spending more than hundred million to promote the image of the company but not effectively achieve the desired. It is possible that a company workshop was held formal – expensive rental locations, speeches "heavyweight", lunch reception – will appeal to guests. Meanwhile attendees to ask questions and want to understand the depth debate on the subject. Perhaps the, company should notify the speaker in advance of attending audience, simultaneously control the presentation time of the speaker to not fall into the passive voice.

So according to you, That day event is a success or failure !?

Event (Event Planning) is the contribution to “Polishing” for brands and products of a company through events. An opportunity to meet business, exchange and communication with customers, partners, the media, public authorities, help promote two-way communication and strengthen relationships conducive to business.
The event not only to design programs, contact the company needed, but also to know all customer contact, guests ... to know accurate information and to stick with the entire program from start to finish. If the program was changed at the last minute for whatever reason, plan will start with zero. So, event staff have prepared all the details of the program.
Event work as a picture of a jigsaw puzzle and the player successfully complete that picture puzzle by hundreds, thousands of small pieces of detailed. Each class of the company represents in perfection in every detail in every event they organize.

You should note the following points:
Normally, the press conference, product introduction, awards ceremony ... business standards often means "star" hotel. As much star hotel is considered as the optimal organizational conditions, facilities, There have been serving business ... customer conference held at a leading hotel in the City, Email invited to go and then held where the guests do not contain well-. Perhaps the, if careful exploration before, can now be provided more specific data.
Such, if the amount exceeds guests 500 the only people in the city of Equatorial Hotel, Sheraton and Park Hyatt ballroom is large enough; Hanoi Melia Hotel there and Daewoo. Other hotels though many "stars" but only a maximum capacity 300-400 people.
Many businesses were "shocked" when doing program identifiable community exchanges in the stadium, gymnasiums, club ... poor air conditioning system, half-light, Last time audio is lost, lax security, Hygiene is not guaranteed ... There was not the time where staging and testing program, For rental locations are counted only for the duration. Want to be the, enterprise must pay more from an abdominal squeeze half their cost to rent, for staging time and this rehearsal.
The asynchronous collaboration between program parts as well as a cause of malfunction. The model can not take the stage itself was designed in the right manner .... Singer will take charge of the game if there is no sound groomed before showtime. Light in the design stage so, to be perfect right from rehearsal to direct placement team model: She wore dark clothing standing in the light where many; costumes appear bright in the dark than; model red costume is not a green light to "hit" on ...
In the hands always have a checklist of things to do to capture job status and completion time. In addition, table also indispensable work progress, also like to think of the risk management plan to resolve incidents safely and quickly. That is the basic concept of the center who worked Event, as well as businesses that want to stand out for its work program. Most importantly,, not be overlooked any job, is very small though as the song as intro music for the program, put flowers on the reception desk ... It seemed like a simple tray and towel preparing for the ritual gift exchange, but because the organization did not check, time to appear on stage, but they saw the bare tray with gifts that government lacks the towel! Miscellaneous things should be listed in the detailed list of work to do and must be assigned to specific persons responsible.
The host (MC) sometimes cause scenes "cry smile". Normally, the program will make your posting says MC to MC a few days before reading and rehearsing for elegant. But also when lu bu too should forget, MC or too confident in his abilities should not be considered prior. There have been cases of MC received his speech just a few hours ago, even when the program starts. The result is a decent content, program leading to an anchor!
The problem of "why" as well as headaches presented equally Event. "Why" is that many programs offered, or do it yourself and therefore are often not on time causing misery organizers sought to "Fire" program. Management of the "stars" to be very soft or thin, or to the right people, correct gender, "Star" hear new. At a fashion show in the style of nostalgia, require directors to form a high bun to fit tunic has the texture of ancient countryside. At practice it no matter what, do not wear costumes. By audition, in the model lineup dozen people naturally have two detachments started her own – She then straightened hair, Her loose hair parted among other. The reason is because the tufts of hair of her face ... do not suit costumes! Though the director has tried to explain that the best fashion show is doing well up to the idea but her costume is still not listening. If not promptly called him elected to the program was in danger of being interrupted.

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